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Sourcing The Best Yoga Tops

Whether you’re a beginner or professional in the world of yoga, you’ll know from your very first session just how important it is to wear comfortable and breathable clothing as you work out. While there tends to be a large focus on yoga pants, not many people consider just how important it is to find yoga tops that complement your workout too.

Finding the best yoga tops among this heavily saturated activewear market can be draining, though, and especially if you don’t have the money to spend on the higher scale of the budget. Thankfully, there are many quality brands out there that won’t send you broke, so it’s just a matter of finding one that suits your workout style.

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Before purchasing yoga tops you should consider what’s important to you. Will you be wearing the clothing elsewhere other than your yoga session? Are there any added features that would improve your daily life? What material would best suit your skin and give you the most comfortable workout? These are all important factors to contemplate before you go on your search for the best yoga tops.

The Importance of a Good Yoga Top

So, why is it so important to have a quality yoga top? Many people think they can just throw on any old shirt for their workout and it will do, but considering the range of motion you use during yoga this just isn’t the case.

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With the right yoga top on your back, you’ll find a whole range of benefits. Not only will you receive a huge confidence boost thanks to your new apparel, but your body will actually benefit as well. With a breathable fabric, you’ll be less likely to become trapped in sweat, and you’ll feel more hygienic and comfortable through the poses.

As our bodies must stretch and flex to meet the various poses of a yoga workout, it’s essential to have something that essentially becomes one with us. For this reason, you need to consider everything from the material to the fit when finding yoga tops so that it can improve your workouts and not hinder them.

How to Find The Best Yoga Tops

Whether you’re searching for yoga tops for women or for men, the criteria are mostly all the same. Some people may prefer to practice yoga without a top on, and while it may be freeing for some, it likely doesn’t work in a group session or when practicing outdoors. Here are a few features you’ll need to consider before purchasing your yoga clothes.

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  • Fit - The fit of our yoga tops will come down to personal preference, as some like a loose fit around the stomach and others prefer something tighter. Many people prefer a long yoga top that’s more flattering to their shape, but keep in mind that with a looser shirt these may lift up over your head during the more difficult poses. It really depends on what suits your body type and what makes you most comfortable during a workout, so that you can achieve the different poses and shapes.
  • Quality - It’s not hard to determine the quality of yoga tops judging by the materials used and reputation of the company, however, don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to spend top dollar just for quality. When buying online, look for solid reviews by customers to get an idea of what’s worth the money and what’s not.
  • Price - Thankfully, the market for active wear has grown phenomenally which means we now have greater choice than ever with the price range. Keep in mind that you’re paying for what you get with these clothes, so the cheaper yoga tank tops aren’t always going to perform as well as the more expensive brands.
  • Material - The material of our yoga tops is crucial, and with the wrong choice, you could find yourself uncomfortable, sweaty, and unable to move freely. Most activewear choices for tops use a blend of cotton with another material such as spandex or polyester, so try to find these styles where possible.
  • Added Features - For women, the issue of support is crucial, and without a supportive sports bra, you might want to choose yoga tops with built in bra features. This means there’s no need for a bra, so you can pack light or get added support if you need it. Other additional features include pockets, mesh, or hoods, depending on what you require and what will add convenience and practicality to your workout.

Why Your Workout Clothes Matter

Not only are you workout clothes important for yoga, but for all types of exercise too. Studies have found that our fashion choices actually affect our motivation for exercise, so with a few choice pieces of active wear in your wardrobe, you might get the push you need to stay fit.

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The reasoning behind this science is that with the right clothing, our minds can actually undergo mental changes that make us more motivated to exercise. As we associated the symbolism of getting active and healthy with these clothes, we’re more likely to want to use them. So with a few good yoga tops under your belt, you might find yourself fitter than ever.

Finding the best yoga tops is definitely a matter of personal preference, though, as what you find comfortable for your body might not suit everyone. Take the search for your active wear seriously, as with the right choices these pieces of clothing will be able to last you for years.

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While it may seem counterintuitive to spend a lot of time and money on choosing clothing for yoga, when it’s such a relaxed and natural approach to exercise, you’ll find amazing benefits for your body and mind with the right pieces.

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