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Your Guide to Yoga Shirts For Men And Women

While you may not consider your workout gear to be an important factor in yoga, our choices of yoga shirts and pants can actually have more effect than we think. Whether you’re searching for men’s or women’s clothing, there are a few important things to consider first.

The best yoga clothes should act as one with your body, allowing you to be just as flexible and comfortable as you would be naked. These specially designed shirts can even remove sweat from your body or keep you cool during intense workouts, so it’s about far more than just fashion.

Woman Doing Yoga in Colorful Shirt

The market for men’s and women’s yoga clothes is somewhat different, but the important considerations are all the same. Which material will allow you to breathe and stretch with ease? What design will suit your body shape best? How much are you prepared to spend just to get one of the best yoga shirts?

Studies have shown that in 2014, the sale of yoga pants and other active wear went up while denim products and other related items went down. This means that with the right yoga t shirts and pants, you are giving yourself more than just the gift of workout gear. The clothes have been designed for both comfort and style, so they’re more popular than ever.

What Shirt to Wear With Yoga Pants

If you’re new to yoga or looking to change up your current workout gear, you’re probably wondering where to start. With such a heavily saturated activewear market in the US, it can be challenging to maneuver your way through all of the different styles, materials, and brands now available.

Woman Wearing Yoga Tank Top

The most popular styles of yoga shirts include tank tops or singlets, due to their comfortable fit and ability to keep you cool. Deciding whether you want a loose or tight shirt, colorful pattern or plain design, and what material you find most comfortable will be a matter of personal choice.

So, what shirt to wear with yoga pants? It all depends on personal preference really, and what you’ll find most beneficial to your workout. As men and women both have extremely different body types and different needs from their exercise clothes, what each group requires may be completely different.

Men's Yoga Shirts


Research has proven that men sweat more than women, so the importance of material is crucial here. You need a quality blend of cotton and polyester that will help to wick moisture away so you’re able to continue with your workout comfortably.

Fit And Style

This is an area of personal preference, as some men will like a looser fitting shirt for yoga whereas others want something tight that won’t move around. Depending on how you’re most comfortable practicing, you’ll require a different fit. The most popular style for men includes tank tops, giving them flexibility and coolness.


​Although not as overpriced as the women’s market for active wear, there is still quite a sliding scale on price for men’s yoga shirts. There’s no need to spend a lot just for a quality product, but it’s not really an area you want to skimp on either. Aim for around $20 per shirt to guarantee quality in make, and a product that will last a few years.

Although you might not assume that the men’s market for active wear is as popular as women’s, it’s almost as big. Men’s yoga shirts will require different things for their wearers to women’s, and depend on personal preference and the type of yoga you enjoy.

Man Wearing Green Compression Shirt For Yoga

Women's Yoga Shirts


​Just as with men’s yoga shirts, the material used in women’s clothing should also be breathable and flexible. Anything that clings to you won’t allow you to cool down and might restrict your movements during poses, so cotton, polyester, and spandex are the best choices for workout gear.

Fit And Style

There is a huge selection available for women’s active wear so you really can decide right down to the color and style. Most yoga shirts for women are in a tank top style or racerback singlet, giving you a greater range of motion and comfort fit for your workouts. Long sleeve yoga shirts are available, but the comfort of these may depend on the climate you live in.


​Women’s activewear can sometimes cost a little more than men’s, but not if you look in the right spot. There’s no need to spend ridiculous amounts just to get the best brand names provided you’ve selected a fit and material that will support your workouts.

There is an undeniably larger market for women’s yoga shirts than there are men’s, so this can be used to your advantage to find something that really suits you. As women need to consider things such as bra support and transparency in their yoga clothing, there’s a little more to think about.

Why Our Fashion Choices Matter

Although it may not seem important to everyone, having the right workout gear for yoga is essential. As yoga requires us to be flexible and use every inch of our bodies to our best ability, it’s important to have clothes that allow us to move freely.

Man Exercising Yoga

Whether you’re practicing Bikram, Hatha, or Anusara, your clothing choices are imperative to how well your session goes. With the right clothing choices, you’ll be able to feel comfortable, supported, and free so that you can practice yoga to your very best ability.

Having a few cool yoga shirts to pair with your pants can not only help you to look your best for a session but will also motivate you to work out more. As studies have proven that our workout clothes can actually help us get fitter, there’s no better time to invest in some quality yoga shirts than now.

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