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Woman Rolling Yoga Mat on Floor

Finding The Best Yoga Mats For Your Exercise

As the most important piece of equipment used in yoga, finding the best yoga mats to suit your needs can be crucial to your practice. So, what is the best yoga mat? With so many different varieties, styles,

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Woman Wearing Yoga Top

Sourcing The Best Yoga Tops

Whether you’re a beginner or professional in the world of yoga, you’ll know from your very first session just how important it is to wear comfortable and breathable clothing as you work out. While

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Woman Doing Yoga with Yoga Ball

The Amazing Benefits of Yoga Balls

Among all of the yoga equipment you can utilize, yoga balls are the most diverse. Also known as exercise or fitness balls, these devices are now a huge hit for use with this ancient discipline. With a

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Woman in Yoga Pants Posing

How to Find The Best Yoga Pants

They’ve become one of the most talked about pieces of clothing in recent years, with everyone from famed celebrities to your next door neighbor spotted in a pair. Yoga pants are not only great for this

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Woman Doing Yoga with Yoga Blocks

A Guide to Yoga Blocks – Simple Accessories

While traditional yoga practice rarely relied on additional pieces of equipment or props, modern yoga practitioners have found a lot of worth from a few items. Along with a yoga mat, yoga blocks are the

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Woman Exercising Yoga in Shoes

The Guide to Yoga Shoes – Comfy Workout

Yoga shoes seem to be the latest craze to hit this ancient exercise system, with many avid yoga followers now opting to keep their feet covered during a session. But what are the best yoga shoes and how

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Three Women Exercising Yoga in Tank Tops

Your Guide to Yoga Shirts For Men And Women

While you may not consider your workout gear to be an important factor in yoga, our choices of yoga shirts and pants can actually have more effect than we think. Whether you’re searching for men’s

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Woman Wearing Yoga Mat

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Gear

When you hear the word yoga, the first thing that springs to your mind probably isn’t fashion and accessories. However, the market for yoga clothes for women and men, as well as the props and items used

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