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The Amazing Benefits of Yoga Balls

Among all of the yoga equipment you can utilize, yoga balls are the most diverse. Also known as exercise or fitness balls, these devices are now a huge hit for use with this ancient discipline. With a myriad of ways to use the balls, the options are virtually limitless for how they can improve your form and yoga practice.

Using a yoga ball is a great way to improve your core strength so that you’re able to perform a wider variety of poses. These yoga balls also improve your flexibility and balance so that you can be a more effective yoga practitioner.

Five Colorful Yoga Balls Different Sizes

Among their various uses for yoga, these exercise balls can be used for a range of other things too. Whether you want to replace your office chair with a ball to improve your posture, or you need physical rehabilitation to fix injuries and ailments, these balls are an affordable way to give yourself a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of Sitting on a Yoga Ball

There are many reasons why these yoga balls have been so popular, and not just when practicing this ancient system of exercise. This one piece of equipment has so many benefits to your physical wellbeing and such a variety of uses that they considered one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment.

Woman Doing Yoga with a Fitness Ball

Physical Rehabilitation

Yoga therapy balls provide a comfortable and safe way to improve your gross motor skills and rebuild your body after an injury. As they engage more of your muscles for simple tasks, it can take the strain out of exercising when you may not be at your fittest.

Core Strength

According to WebMD, the quickest way to improve core strength is with an exercise ball, due to the fact that your abs are constantly tightened as you sit on them. Ensure you keep your abs tensed for the entire time you sit on your ball for the best effect.

Comfort and Support

If you find the floor uncomfortable or unforgiving on your spine, sitting on a yoga ball as you perform your poses can be a more enjoyable way to complete your workout.

Improved Posture

Sitting on yoga balls, whether you’re exercising or not, has instant impacts on your posture. These balls force us to sit in a more upright position so they strengthen our backs even when we’re not exercising.

Improved Flexibility

Using a yoga ball during certain poses can help you to achieve stretches you might not have been able to otherwise, but in a safe and supportive way. Over time, your flexibility will improve and you may find no more use for the ball.

Yoga Ball Exercises

Almost all yoga poses can be performed with the aid of a yoga ball. A yoga ball workout can sometimes add an extra challenge to traditional moves, and in other times make them easier to achieve. Try these yoga ball ab workouts to give your core a workout and use all of your muscles.

Woman Exercising with Yoga Ball

Seated Stork Pose

Sit on your ball and cross your right foot over your left knee, keeping your back straight. Draw your palms in together in front of your body and as you inhale, bring your hands up above your head and lean forward into it. Hold for three deep breaths and then switch sides.

Scissor Kicks

Lay on your ball with torso down and roll forward slowly until you’re resting on your arms. Keep your legs flexed and straight behind you. Open your legs slowly and then bring them back together, just like a scissor as you keep your core tightened. Repeat 10 times.

Woman Doing Scissor Kicks Pose with Yoga Ball

Spinal Rotation

Performing a spinal rotation with your yoga ball begins with sitting on your ball with your legs extended and arms out to the side. Sit up tall and keep your back straight. Rotate your torso to the right and as you do, reach your left arm out and towards you right foot. Come back to the center and repeat on the opposite side.

Finding The Best Yoga Ball

Yoga balls are an extremely affordable device to have, and with so many great uses it seems crazy not have one in your equipment kit. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your yoga balls to ensure the very best quality.

Women Doing Yoga with Yoga Balls
  • Material - The most common materials for yoga balls are PVC plastic, as this durable material is soft but also strong enough so that it won’t burst. Considering how much pressure we put on them, you need to feel confident they can carry it without failing.
  • Size - Yoga ball sizes range greatly, with the most popular for this exercise being 22 to 30 inches. Depending on your height and body type, you’ll need to shop according to this for a comfortable fit.
  • Color - Although it doesn’t affect the use of your ball, finding a bright and colorful ball that suits your personality can give you the little extra push you need to use it.

A Versatile Device

When you consider just how much benefit yoga balls can bring, there’s no reason not to add one to your fitness regime today. Whether you want to incorporate it into your yoga poses or use it as a separate entity to improve your posture and flexibility, the options are limitless.

Woman Sitting on Yoga Ball in Office

Purchasing a yoga ball doesn’t need to be complicated, provided you are shopping for your own weight and height. This is the most important consideration to be taken as no two people are the same, so you need to have one that suits your body type.

Once you get the hang of how to use the yoga ball comfortably and with better balance, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can achieve with it. Some people even enjoy them so much, their yoga ball chair now replaces their standard office chair at work or at home.

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