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Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit – Mat, Blocks, Strap & Towel

For those looking to experience the wondrous benefits of yoga but with little idea of where to begin, the first place to start is your equipment. The Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit combines everything you need to become a skilled yogi, and learn the amazing poses and breathing techniques on offer. With this kit, you’ll be well on your way to total enlightenment of body and mind.

The Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit contains a ½ inch thick yoga mat, 2 foam yoga blocks, a yoga towel, and a yoga strap. The extra thick mat is ideal for beginners who are looking for added comfort from the ground and will help to build your skills with support. With these four items, you’ll be equipped to begin your yoga journey and be able to practice with the very best products behind you.

Quality And Comfortable Products

Even if you’re a skilled professional at yoga you might be on the hunt for new equipment. Rather than sourcing each item individually and finding different degrees of quality, the Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit has combined them all in a superior set.

Pink Color Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit

These kits come in a range of colors to suit each unique personality, and with a handy strap attached, you’re able to carry all of your equipment together. With your non-slip yoga mat and yoga towel you’re guaranteed a safer workout, and the yoga blocks and strap can help you achieve poses you never thought possible. Why not take your yoga to the next level with the Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit.

The Mat Needs Improving

Although as a set this kit is quite impressive, when you look at each product separately the mat stands out as an area for improvement. It’s not as steady as you’d hope and doesn’t have the same non-slip qualities as other comparable products. After just a few uses it appears to stretch, so there’s no telling just how long it will last before tearing.

Black Color Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit

However, for $36 for the entire set, there is the option to purchase another mat to supplement this one.

The Verdict

With the yoga mat being the main product used by most who practice this discipline, it’s a shame that it wasn’t of a higher standard. Although it appeared to be high quality and with a thick surface, after just a few uses there was some stretching and slipping to be found. When you consider the other items within, though, it’s still fairly good value for money at $36.

Pink Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit

The items within the Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit are an ideal level for beginners, so it’s a wise investment for anyone new to this exercise to purchase. The blocks and straps are excellent quality and will really help you improve your flexibility, so these alone are worth the money you pay for the entire set.

For a starter kit and with the low cost in mind, the Yes4All set is a good purchase. Those who have a little more experience up their sleeve may want to purchase their products separately to ensure the best quality, though. To try the Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit for yourself, click on the button below to buy.

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