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Sivan Health And Fitness 6 Piece Yoga Set

For the ultimate collection of yoga products to help you improve your poses and get the most out of your sessions, the Sivan Health and Fitness 6 Piece Yoga Set has you covered. Whether you’re just starting out and want to equip yourself with the essentials, or need to update your current equipment with quality products, this collection is the right choice.

This package includes all of the yoga basics, including ½ inch NBR yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, 1 yoga mat towel, 1 yoga hand towel, and 1 yoga strap. Coming in a range of vibrant colors, they’re sure to add a pop to your next workout session.

Support And Balance

These products have been specifically designed with yoga in mind, so they’re built to give you the extra support and stability you need. The wide yoga mat is large enough to suit all shapes and sizes, and these pieces of equipment are versatile enough to be used for yoga, pilates, and stretching too.

Woman Sitting Next to Sivan 6 Piece Yoga Set

There’s no need to go searching for individual products when Sivan Health and Fitness have compiled all of the essentials into one handy collection. Made with quality materials and careful craftsmanship, you can be sure you’re getting the very best value for money. With these products in use, you’re ensuring a slip free and stable workout every time.

Quality Product With One Small Issue

Finding a problem with the Sivan Health and Fitness 6 Piece Yoga Set was hard to do, but it is worth noting that there is a slight smell from the rubber mat. This smell is actually quite common with fitness equipment, but if smells are bothersome to your workout then you might need to look elsewhere for an odor free solution.

Purple Sivan Health and Fitness Towels

As this mat is ½ inch thick, it may be too thick for some yoga lovers. However, this all comes down to personal preference. For beginners especially, a ½ inch size mat is the best size to offer support and comfort.

The Verdict

For the quintessential yoga equipment pack, you can’t go past the Sivan Health and Fitness 6 Piece Collection. With everything you need to practice this ancient form of exercise, you won’t need to purchase anything else. Best of all, the quality of the materials and make are extremely high in every single piece.

Purple Sivan Health and Fitness 6 Piece Yoga Set

If you look at all the products separately and attempt to purchase them on their own, the cost for this entire 6 piece set would be well into the hundreds. Considering you can own the complete collection for just $40 is great value for money.

For those wanting to get serious about their yoga equipment or looking for a good place to start with the basics, the Sivan Health and Fitness 6 Piece Set is it. To try this quality collection for your yoga needs, click on the button below to purchase.

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