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Fruit of The Loom Cotton Sports Bra 3 Pack

If you’re looking for absolute comfort and support in your sports bra but aren’t willing to commit to an expensive price tag, the Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra is the right choice for you. Made with a quality blend of materials and designed to fit the vast variety of women’s shapes, these sports bras are ideal for any type of physical activity or daily wear.

Crafted with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, they offer a breathable and flexible support system for your body. The cotton allows you to breathe easy while working out, without trapping too much excess moisture that can commonly be a problem with other sports bras. Whether you’re working out or relaxing, the Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra will be your new best friend.

Comfort And Support

The Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra has been designed with functionality and style in mind with a gorgeous spaghetti strap design and full coverage offered where you need it most. The bottom part of this comfortable sports bra is a thick elastic band, so it won’t ride up or become stretched like other brands.

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No matter your size or body shape, you’ll feel comfortable and supported with the Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra. These bras are the perfect addition to low impact workouts such as yoga, and they’re so easy to wear that you’ll barely notice them at all.

Potential Drawbacks

Although the Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra has been marketed as an all over sports bra, it really only provides enough coverage and support for low impact exercise. These bras would be ideal for yoga and pilates, and just daily wear around the house or sleeping in, however not suitable for more strenuous activities such as running or CrossFit.

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While the spaghetti straps might look fashionable, the addition of a racerback or other most supportive design might have helped their strength a bit more, but otherwise, they’re fine for low impact sports.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a bra that can suit your low impact workouts or offer a nice alternative to tight and wiry traditional products, the Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra is the one for you. It offers enough support to keep your comfortable, without compromising on comfort.

Fruit of the Loom Womens Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack of 3

When you consider just how cheap these bras are at $18 for a 3 pack, you’re essentially buying a durable and supportive bra for just $6. Finding something of this high quality for such a cheap price is extremely hard to do, and you won’t need to purchase another bra for years if you get one of these packs.

These bras are ideal for workouts, lounging around the house, or sleeping in, so you’re not just limited to exercise in your support. To try out the affordable and comfortable 3 pack of sports bras and add some coziness to your day, click on the button below to purchase the Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra.

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