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How To Achieve The Best Yoga Workout

Yoga is believed to have started over 5,000 years ago, and this traditional form of mind, body, and soul disciplines has seen many different forms and styles since then. Many people use yoga today as a great way to not only stay fit and healthy but to keep their mind and soul calm as well.

Finding a yoga workout for beginners is the first step to introducing this ancient exercise into your life, so there’s no need to go hard and fast with complicated moves when you’re just starting out. With a few basic items and the right clothing, you’ll be set to begin your lifelong love affair with yoga.

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There are so many different types of yoga now available to practice, each offering their own unique benefits. Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve from your body and mind will determine what the best yoga workout is for you. Half of the fun will be trying the different methods, though, each with something amazing to offer.

Once you absorb some basic moves, you’ll find that your desire to learn more complicated poses grows and the impact that this ancient form of mental and physical disciplines increase even further. For many, yoga is not just about daily exercise but more of a way of life that they simply can’t function without.

Different Types of Yoga

For beginners to the world of yoga, it can be confusing trying to navigate through all of the different styles. You’ll probably find that once you’ve experienced a few different varieties you’re naturally more drawn to one style over the rest, and this is the best way to find which yoga is right for you. Here are a few of the popular styles you might see discussed, and what they offer specifically.

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  • Ashtanga - This style of yoga combines both order and strength with six series of specific poses run through each session in order to build your internal heat. Some classes have an instructor calling out poses, but others prefer to run through them at their own pace so it’s great to do on your own as well.
  • Bikram - Not to be confused with hot yoga, Bikram is a strictly followed series of 26 poses designed to get you sweating. Bikram yoga is performed in 105-degree rooms with high humidity levels so that you can get a strenuous workout in and leave drenched in sweat.
  • Iyengar - If you’re into details and like to be extra specific about your poses, Iyengar is ideal for you. This style of yoga focuses on the body’s alignment and uses a whole range of equipment such as blocks, balls, and ropes, so you can have a bit of fun with your workout.
  • Hatha - This form of yoga is ideal for beginners as it covers a gentler style of moves and poses. According to Sanskrit, Hatha refers to any type of yoga that centers on physical poses so most styles fall under this category.
  • Vinyasa - This style of yoga feels more like a dance class at times, as your breaths are linked specifically to movements. Your heart will be racing with Vinyasa so it’s a great workout for weight loss, and things can get fairly sweaty. This yoga workout routine is great for those who want to keep things moving.

No matter what style you try, you’ll likely find something unique and enjoyable with each one. Depending on the classes available in your area, you may be limited to the styles you can select, but there’s no reason you can practice on your own at home with the guidance of books, online videos, or workout DVDs.

The Benefits of a Yoga Workout Routine

So, why is yoga a good workout and what makes it so popular among the masses? There are so many amazing benefits to be had with a yoga workout routine, and if you ask any fan of this ancient exercise why they enjoy it you’ll be surprised at some of the advantages it has. Here are just a few to help you find the motivation to kick start your yoga journey.

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  • Works Your Entire Body - While some workouts target just one area or focus on cardio or strength training, yoga is an all-inclusive form of exercise. Every inch of your body is stretched and toned with yoga so it’s great for achieving an all over workout.
  • Easy to Learn - When you’re just beginning yoga, there are so many poses to do that are simple and painless. Once you learn the basics of breathing and alignment, the poses will become easier to achieve and you can move on to more challenging things.
  • Allows You To Go At Your Own Pace - Yoga is a time to relax for many, so you shouldn’t look at this as a full on physical exertion. With yoga, you can push yourself as hard as you like or take things easy and try the simpler variation of a move. Each day can bring you something different, so you’ll never become bored with repetition.
  • Can Be Done Anywhere - As you’ll likely know, yoga fanatics are happy to practice the exercise anywhere they go. With yoga, you can work out in the office, the park, at home, in a class, and just about anywhere else you might be. There’s no need to bring along equipment just to enjoy this discipline so it’s a truly portable exercise.
  • Is Great For Body, Mind, and Soul - The whole premise of yoga is that it works for your mental, physical, and spiritual sides for an all-inclusive practice. Not only is yoga great for staying fit and healthy, but it can bring calm, reduce stress, and give you a more positive outlook on life, according to WebMD.

Yoga Workout Clothes

While you might not think it absolutely necessary to have the right workout gear for yoga, it can actually help a substantial amount in achieving the poses and having a comfortable session. All you need is the right yoga pants and yoga shirt to help you reach your full potential with these various poses you’ll try.

Woman Exercising in Red Yoga Pants

There’s no need to break the bank when shopping for yoga workout clothes, provided you are purchasing quality pieces that have been specifically designed for this type of exercise. Yoga workout clothes should be breathable, so select something made from cotton or polyester blends to achieve this.

As you’ll sometimes be stretching and contorting your body into the various poses, you’ll also want something flexible. This is where spandex comes in handy, so look for this material in your workout clothes. Overall, yoga clothes should be comfortable before anything else, so provided you feel supported and relaxed in them then they’ll be a great help when you’re practicing.

Basic Yoga Workout Equipment

Although technically there’s no need for yoga workout equipment, having a few pieces can help you significantly. Traditionally, most forms of yoga were performed without any tools props, but as the styles changed to adapt to modern times many people found it beneficial. Here are a few items you might consider for your yoga practice.

Colorful Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat

These are the most popular pieces of yoga equipment and generally used for all different disciplines. A yoga mat is usually made from rubber and gives you traction for poses as well as providing comfort against the harsh ground.

Yoga Blocks

This versatile piece of equipment will allow you to relax tight muscles and achieve a greater range of motion in your yoga poses. The most common types are made from wood or foam, depending on how you practice.

Yoga Strap

A strap is great for beginners and experts as it allows you to achieve poses that might not be otherwise possible. With a yoga strap, you can extend your reach and get a greater stretch so that you don’t miss out on anything just because of your limited range.

Yoga Ball

These general exercise balls are great for achieving the balance and posture required for yoga, but they can also be used for all other forms of fitness and stretching too. For many, yoga ball ab workouts are an effective way to keep their stomach trimmed and toned.

Yoga Daily Workout Poses

For those who follow it, yoga is something people do every day without thinking. Most fans of yoga don’t even consider it exercise and view it more as a way to treat their body, mind, and soul each day. If you’re looking to welcome yoga into your life but you’re unsure where to start, try some of these daily workout poses to see how you go.

Garland Pose

Squat with your feet close together and separate your thighs just wider than your torso. As you exhale, lean forward and place your torso snugly between your thighs.

Woman Exercising Yoga Garland Pose

Press your elbows into the inside of your knees and bring your palms together, pushing your knees into your elbows. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and then straighten your knees and stand up as you exhale.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Getting into a push-up position, ensure that your body is straight and aligned all the way through. Keep your shoulder blades firm in your back and draw your elbows in toward your torso, keeping your core tightened.

Woman Exercising Four Limbed Staff Yoga Pose

Exhale and slowly lower your torso and legs to the floor, staying about an inch from it. Press the bases of your fingers into the floor and your body tight, then lift your head up to look forward. Release as you exhale.

Downward Facing Dog

Start on the floor on hands and knees, with knees directly below your hips and hands just ahead of your shoulders. Turn your toes under and spread your fingers out. As you exhale, lift your knees up from the floor. Lengthen your tailbone away from your pelvis toward the pubis and draw your inner legs up to your groin.

Woman Exercising Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Exhale and push your thigh back down to the ground and straighten your legs. Keep your outer arms firm and push your hands into the floor and widen your shoulder blades then draw them into your tailbone. Hold for 1 to 3 minutes.

Tripod Headstand

Begin with the crown of your head on the mat, yours hands shoulder width apart, and elbows over the top of your hands. Straighten your legs and curl your toes as you push up into a headstand.

Woman Exercising Tripod Headstand Yoga Pose

Once there, keep your elbows in and draw your shoulders up and away from the floor. The more you practice, the easier this one will be to achieve.

Incorporating A Yoga Workout Into Your Life

Whether you’re looking for a yoga core workout to keep your abs tight and firm or something that can exercise your body and mind and help you prepare for each new day, yoga is the ideal form of exercise to achieve it all.

Woman Stretching Before Exercising Yoga

With just a few basic moves and the right equipment, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with yoga. Whether you want to join a local class and try out the different types available or do just a few rejuvenating poses each morning as you start the day, you’ll be sure to benefit from this traditional discipline.

Yoga takes time and patience to master, though, so don’t expect to jump right into it and perform advanced moves like the professionals. There are many basic yoga workout poses that you can do as a beginner, so give yourself time to work up the strength and ability to achieve the challenging ones.

Woman Exercising Yoga at Sunset

Once you incorporate yoga into your life, whether it’s as a workout routine or something to soothe your body and mind, you’ll understand exactly why it’s such a popular discipline to practice. With amazing advantages for your body and mind, finding your own personal yoga workout will be the best thing you ever did.

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