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How to Find The Best Yoga Pants

They’ve become one of the most talked about pieces of clothing in recent years, with everyone from famed celebrities to your next door neighbor spotted in a pair. Yoga pants are not only great for this ancient form of exercise, but they’re so comfortable that many people like to wear them for everyday use too.

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Finding the best yoga pants can be tough to do, though, with literally thousands of different styles, designs, and features offered by each brand. While some people prefer to stick to trusted names such as Old Navy yoga pants and others shopping for the more affordable types, there are so many varieties to choose from.

Yoga pants have so many important benefits to exercising, and even just for everyday wear as well. While you don’t need to know who invented yoga pants to find the best pair, you should know what features you require for a comfortable and flexible fit.

Why Yoga Pants Are So Important

There are many reasons why yoga pants are so beneficial to this traditional system of exercise. Even if you aren’t performing yoga, these pants are a comfortable and stylish addition to any wardrobe. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from finding the best yoga pants for your body.

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  • Sweat free and hygienic - There’s no denying just how sweaty you can get during a workout, and specially designed yoga pants can actually work to wick away the moisture. This means you’re left fresh, hygienic and dry so you can enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Comfort - Acoording to WebMD, to get the most out of yoga you should have comfortable clothes that aren’t too baggy. Tight yoga pants are ideal for this as they offer comfort and support, so you can focus on what’s important.
  • Flexibility - The right pair of yoga pants can improve your flexibility and make it easier to perform challenging moves. Yoga pants should work with your body to give you the best range of motion possible.
  • Self Esteem - With a flattering pair of black yoga pants on you’re likely to feel better about your physical appearance. When wearing active wear, we’re more likely to feel motivated to exercise so they can offer more than just comfort.

Different Styles of Yoga Pants

There are hundreds of different styles of yoga pants to choose from, so it really depends on what you find most comfortable. Finding the best yoga pants for your body may take some experimentation so you might need to try different pairs to see which helps you practice your poses best.

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  • Fold Over Yoga Pantsthis popular style features an elastic waistband that allows you to have a high-waisted style of pants for support around your stomach or pull them down for a freer style.
  • Basic Yoga Pants – the most common style of yoga pants are a full-length tight or legging that allows the wearer complete flexibility and comfort. These are generally in black, however, other colors are available, and commonly feature some percentage of spandex within.
  • Cotton Yoga Pants – organic cotton yoga pants are becoming more popular, as they offer a breathable feel when you practice your poses.
  • Harem Yoga Pants – while not as common as the tighter variety, loose fitting yoga pants are generally favored by men as they give them more room to move. These pants more closely reflect the style that traditional yogis wore.

Best Features to Look For In Yoga Pants

No matter what style of yoga pant you want to wear, there are some must-have features that all quality styles will have. As we wear our yoga pants daily, sometimes even when we’re not working out, it’s important that they tick all of these boxes.

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  • Quality materials - Whether you prefer cotton yoga pants or spandex, you need to ensure you’re buying only the best quality of materials. Considering how much use you’ll get out of our pants, it usually pays to invest a little extra to ensure you’re buying a decent brand.
  • Guarantee - Most manufacturers should offer a guarantee on their clothing, so in the case of rips or tears, you can return them.
  • Breathability - The most important factor for women’s yoga pants specifically is how well they breathe. When you feel restricted and uncomfortable this can negatively affect your yoga poses, as well as make you vulnerable to bacterial infections.
  • Transparency - The true test of a quality yoga pant is its transparency, as many inferior brands don’t provide enough coverage. The best yoga pants should offer complete coverage and not be transparent enough to see your underwear through them.

Treating Your Body to The Best

With the right pair of yoga pants on your body, you’ll find an amazing improvement in how you perform your poses. Depending on where and how you want to wear yours you might have a different requirement for what features they should have, but ultimately it comes down to quality and comfort.

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Always select a pair of pants with a high-quality material, regardless of whether you want to go the organic cotton route or stick to traditional spandex. As the material will determine how well they breathe, keep you fresh and comfortable, and impact how well you can move, this is the most critical feature.

As the yoga pant trend continues and we see more and more yoga pants outfits being worn for everyday use, the range and style of these comfortable pieces of clothing will extend. Whether you want to wear yours around the house or keep them just for practicing yoga, there’s no denying their unbelievable comfort and style.

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