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Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Top

If you’re tired of working out with restrictive clothing and want something that will allow you to move freely and comfortably, this stunning racerback top from Bella has you covered. This stylish and functional shirt is ideal for low impact workouts such as yoga and pilates as it allows you to be your most flexible, and with cotton and polyester variations they’re great for getting sweaty.

There’s no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on your workout clothes just to look and feel good, and the Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Top has proven it. With a few different options offering a range of materials and feels, as well as stunning colors to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone.

The Perfect Fit For All Shapes

No matter what your size or shape, these designs from Bella will create a flattering silhouette. With a stylish racerback design and a loose and flowing fit on the stomach, it can help keep the most important parts covered when you might not be at your physical best. When paired with yoga pants for your workout, you’ll be looking feeling like a fit and fabulous goddess.

Woman Posing in Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank

The Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Top is an affordable and stylish way to stay comfortable during your workouts or just for day to day use. With a round neck and modern racerback design, you’ll feel fashionable and functional in this top. No matter where you want to wear yours, you’ll benefit from the support and style of this gorgeous piece of active wear.

The Cons

When you’re purchasing affordable workout gear it’s hard to argue with much, and for under $10 for one of these racerback singlets, it’s certainly great value for money. As with any clothing purchased online, you need to be cautious with your fit.

Woman Wearing Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank

These shirts can run a bit small, and depending on your body type they may not offer the flowing form that you were hoping for.

The Verdict

If you’re looking to stock your wardrobe with comfortable and breathable workout clothes but don’t want to go broke doing so, these racerback tops from Bella are worth your while. With a few different material and color options you’re not limited to style, and because they’re so cheap you can get more than one for a greater selection.

Woman Posing in Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank

For just $10 a shirt, the Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Top is great value for money. Rather than spending upwards of $30 just on one shirt as you do with most overpriced active wear, you can get a few different varieties and have enough to get you through your weekly workouts.

The flattering silhouette create by these tops can make anyone feel fit and firm, and because they cover your belly there’s no need to feel self-conscious. To give your body the comfort and flexibility it needs to get through your next yoga session, purchase the Bella Ladies Flowy Racerback Top by clicking on the button below.

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