Women Doing Yoga on BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

If you’ve tried and tested all of the yoga mats you can find and are still unsatisfied with the quality and grip that your current mat achieves, it’s time to experience the best with BalanceFrom Yoga Mat. This mat offers exceptional resilience unlike no other brand, and with a ½ inch thick design it’s enough to keep you comfortable and stable through any length of workout.

Three Women Holding BalanceFrom Yoga Mats

The BalanceFrom Yoga Mat features a double sided non-slip surface, so you can use it any way you like, and it’s versatile enough to be a supportive base for all kinds of exercises including yoga, so you can take it along to all of your workouts. Designed to withstand heat, sweat, and bacteria, the BalanceFrom Yoga Mat is the only fitness product you’ll ever need.

Designed For You

This mat features 71” x 24” of high-density foam with a ½ inch of thickness, giving comfort and support to people of all shapes and sizes. With this mat as your center, you’ll be able to achieve any style of yoga pose without worrying about slipping and sliding around.

Woman Rolling Yoga Mat

The BalanceFrom Yoga Mat comes in a range of stunning colors, and with a free yoga strap attached, you’ll be able to carry this lightweight device with you anywhere. If you enjoy your yoga on the go, this is the product for you. Take your mat along to the park, the office, or on a plane, for a convenient and hassle free workout.

May be Too Cushioned For Some

If you regularly partake in complex poses where you’re created to hold and balance for long periods of time, some experienced yoga practitioners might find that this is a little too cushioned. At a ½ inch thick, the size of this mat suits most poses and would be ideal for beginners and intermediate users, however, those who want more stability might prefer a thinner design.

The Verdict

No matter which style of yoga you practice, having the right mat to work on is essential. The BalanceFrom Yoga Mat has everything covered in a yoga mat, with its skid-free double sided surface, pleasant colors, and thick and cushioned feel.

Purple BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

If you prefer a very thin mat to perform your poses, stay clear of this one, though. However, for just the right support on your buttocks, hips, and back, ½ inch seems to be the ideal thickness for comfort. This mat comes with a handy strap so you can transport it anywhere, and it’s so lightweight that it won’t be a bother at all to take to classes.

The mat itself costs between $15 - 20, depending on your color choice, which is fairly standard for this piece of equipment. However, where the BalanceFrom Yoga Mat stands out is the quality of craftsmanship and how long this will actually last. With a 2 year warranty, it’s already got more promise than most affordable brands.

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